Wednesday, 12 December 2012

invalid password!

eh salam =)
today, early in da morning,, on 12/12/12.. what a lovely date..
i got trouble!
but thanks God, it had been resolved already =)

have u ever face diz problem b4?
in when u enter an email wif the password confidently,, but it is the wrong one!
i have tried billion times re-enter my password until i can access to post diz!
what a waste!
i tried to remember all my emails n their passwords but none of them suit to diz blog.
then i went to kitchen,,have some breakfast.

(that's how i overcome my stress,eat..and eat..and eat.. =P )

then, i tried again..
and here i am! succeed!
so the moral value here is..


love, miss ayu.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


it had been 4 months i didn't update this yacketiakkty yack.
"ala 5min je, xlama "(ydp,2012)
someone said dat it only takes 5min to update blog. thus, i'll take 5min to write diz. =P

harimau! aumm! malaysian tiger!
if u were a real malaysian, you watched the latest match between white elephant and malayan tiger.
of course, draw was not a comfortable circumstance for malayan tiger.
but we must have the confidence or to be more patriotic, we must have the spirit, the instinct dat malayan tiger will win n defeat white elephant on this thursday!
13rd december 2012.
lets roar!! aumm!

being patriotic enough?hehe. =P
aumm. auum. miow...

Friday, 24 August 2012

raya raya raya!

selamat hari raya 1433hijrah! =)
diz year, it was awesome!! =)
may Allah accept all our ibadah in Ramadan =)

raya raya jugak, amalan d bulan ramdan ayuh teruskan =)

Friday, 4 May 2012

a friend in need is a friend indeed

hallluuuuu,, what a cliche title right??hehe.
now it sounds more academic,,proverb man...
someone who helps you when you are in need is a true friend

i am very thankful coz i got true friends here,, :) 
i'm not feeling well right now,,got flu,,cough,,throat problem,,
and upmost fever,,  (-_-") 

but i believe i'll get well in a blink of an eye :)
coz i have them beside me :)

amal <3 my beloved partner,,accompany me here n there :)

syiwa <3 true friend wif lots of useful advices n words of wisdom :)

yana <3 the most cheeerful friend who brighten my day :)

sometimes it's hard to say thank you all the time (-_-")
so here i am to say thanks for every second u have for me :)

i hope our friendship remains forever guys :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

bye 2nd sem,,

bye!!eh tajuk nye xboleh blah sgt :P
haha :D

today is 2nd of May,,3 weeks to go before sem break :D heaven... :D
lets do reflection for this sem,,haha
to sum up,frankly said,,
this sem has taught me a lot of time management,, =.="

lots of things to be done,,
which force me to become a good-discipline-teacher-to-be,,ehh?
yup,,sometimes we have to make compliment by ourselves :P

enough for that,,
recently weather was not kind to me,,
it was rain heavily everyday =.="
now i get flu,,,getting uncomfortable wif my throat,,
it might be fever then!!hmm..

lets take good care of our health,, ;)
- minister of health,2020 :P

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tears strengthen my love..

weep and weep and a child..
grow up..

but it's true that tears strengthen love..
there's a reason for every little thing that happened :)

lets learn from mistake :)
just forgive and forget :)
trust the love voice that whisper in your heart :)

xmau merajuk rajuk.. :)
nothing will be settled by doing this..

love isn't finding a perfect person :)
it's seeing an imperfect person perfectly! :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

real antidote = come back to hometown :D

morning :D
i'm here! - beloved Kuantan, Pahang ^^
holiday?nope! just came back on Friday for weekend and soon, this evening - return to KL =.="

antidote?yes! every time if i were in trouble,facing problem,or getting ill,the only solution is - hug mom and dad^^and for that,i need to come back home <3

last sem, i was frustrated in love,,chewah :P so when i came home, my wound was healed :D
likewise i got gastric,,i was willing to take bus and went home :D

what about for this time?let guess!

i slipped on the floor :'( and ran for 2.4km afterwards :'(

what a tragic story,,sob3,,
i dried my cloth,wearing slippers,you know that one - bunge2 kartun2 pinky2 bulu2 yg girl suke pakai tu^^
unfortunately...i slipped,,gedebuk!!

at that time i felt like em..em..only God knew my pain :'(
sampai terencut2 dah jalannye =.="

the next tomorrow morning,my TESL group had a Gerko class,,2.4 km - about twelve round ran round the field. =.=" the reason why my right leg became more pain =.="



i'm not paralyzed, ok!

tq syiwa :D - my classmate a.k.a roomate who accompanied me =.= to the ummc >_<"
university malaya medical centre,,

along the way on that awesome wheelchair =.="....
people there assumed that i was paralyzed!
till an old Indian asked my friend,, "kwn awk yg lumpuh tu pelajar jgk ke?"

it was not serious injury at all,,
my soft tissue was injured,,
after did X-tray,,thanks bones cracking..

i got mc for two days,,rest,,
no running for a week,,,
no vigorous activity for a month,,

btw, being at home make me feel better! :D

p/s : i'm not paralyzed okay!
        masih boleh bjln cume nk naik tangga..pretty painful!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year :D

wow,,,welcome to new year 2012 with a new life,new mindset,new style,new experience,new friends what so ever,,,

generally,,i ended my 2011 happily,,
frankly,,i had done my best in any situation or problems along 2011,,
obviously,,i am a trouble-maker SOMETIMES,, -____-
honestly,,i meant just good,, >_<"

btw, 2012 starts today! :D
1january2012 :D

goal??for this new year??are them necessary?ok then.

GOALS :  1~ (i'm sorry but this is too secret)
2~ do assignments early! :D not to wait till the deadline -__-
3~ be kind to everyone,,i repeat,, EVERYONE.. 

3 are enough right??hehe,,don't make your goals look like a list of material of making 'nasi kerabu makcik kiah',,because sometimes people just list it but never try to achieve it and it wasn't worth.

eh wait!about the 3rd goal of mine,it wasn't means that i never be kind to others before,,hehe..emm i'm just want to be more +ve person u know,,even with our enemies,,wawawa.i don't have one,but ya,,in reality or normal human being,,there are certain things or people that we feel uncomfortable to deal with..
i found this,and it was really useful to us - NORMAL HUMAN BEING
maybe it was a strong reason why the 3rd goal was there. :)

yes :D i will :D lets do it guys :D

i mean,,,,just,,,

hehe,,starts new year with big smile :D