Saturday, 26 November 2011

selamat dtg tahun baru 1433 hijrah :)


it's time to say goodbye to 1432 lets recite prayer..

*doa akhir tahun ney dibace bbrape minit sebelum azan magrib :)

baca sambil niat di hati supaya Tuhan ampunkan dose kite di tahun yg lalu okay :)

* doa awal tahun  ney plak dibace slps menunaikan solat maghrib :)

semoge tahun ney kite lebih perbaiki diri dari tahun lepas :)


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tiger defeat Garuda???

we are the champion!!!!
with determination, teamwork of harimau Malaya, supports from citizens, and our belief towards team...
we MALAYSIA are able to possess 'THE MOTHER OF GOLD'!!!

my bf yg bwh kiri sekali tu ok,,Baddrol <3 maaf safee,,i curang kali ni je -_-

To beat Indonesia was not as simple as we assumed when Malaysia were shocked by a fourth minute goal by Gunawan . However Baddrol as a responsible team leader knew what he should do! passing the ball to Asra in 33rd minute later gave us- Malaysians a big relief to equalise the score.

Relentless attacks by Garuda  team were not able to beat our beloved goal keeper!!

apek wore jersy numbered 1 last night,,this is the old one :p

salute our golly <3 he has progressed in football since his engagement was broken. he was a splendid player who should get the best player's title if Octovianus won't get it. he gave an outstanding performance in deflecting Garuda's attacks!

tiger got its canine tooth,that is why it can defeat Garuda :p

We- Malaysia defended our gold medal when we defeated Indonesia 4-3 on penalties yesterday night :D
conclusion : we can do it if we believe so!

* i wore Harimau Malaya jersy,,no wonder we won :p