Sunday, 11 December 2011


hey guys,,
do you have one?yup, i mean brother or you?
they might be sometime annoying right?haha.either your brother or your little one.
but believe me,they are trying to be a protector person beside you,the one who is responsible to your safety, even yourself.

It doesn't matter you like it or not, but they are right when they do not allow you to have boyfriend/s at your age even though they have a collection of girlfriends.
When they are always reminding you da same thing every time you go out with your buddies..
"don't bother anyone who tease you along da way"
"always be with your buddies,at least partner"
"call me n tell me wherever you are"

seriously guys,,they have the responsibility to tell you so.
just be a nice and obedient little sister,will you?
i'm going to ;)
although sometimes i feel like a bit " i going to live a life under your rules?what the.."
but the truth is they are always i got some quotes from quote garden.

yup,it's true :)

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.  ~Vietnamese Proverb

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.  ~Marc Brown

If you want to know how your girl will treat you after marriage, just listen to her talking to her little brother.  ~Sam Levenson

A brother is a friend given by Nature.  ~Jean Baptiste Legouve

I don't really care if you think that i was not independent or pampered or whatever you like to think i am,but i will listen to them as long as i need to. i means maybe the time will arrive,the one when i will no longer need to follow their rules,hehehe.but to date, i need theirs.

* no wonder i do not have a permanent boyfriend yet,,hahahaha.all beacuse of them who avoid me to! ok,kidding.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

gelombangggggg OMBAK RINDU???

i was the one of the victims of this wave,,,1 December 2011..

"it might be an awesome movie!"
"can't wait to watch in cinema soon!"
"aaron aziz <3 <3 <3"

these are some shouts in ombak rindu page on fb before the screen,,so then the shouts after the screen,,

"oomak kawww  oammmjayyy,,i never cry watching Malay film before,,ombak rindu was the 1st!"
"i watched it twice!!but i'm going to have for the 3rd soon,,and bring tissues!"
"one of the best  sad, romantic, reality life local movie!! great actor & actress!!!! not bored + 5stars!!"

and so,,,a few days later,,,

ingat nak pegi kat megamall,,tp banjir kot,,naik air sikit,,

ha before i forget,, i saw one of my friends post status like this,, 

"it's like worshiping ombak rindu...
so perilous....."

dey3,,it's not about worshiping it,,it was common,,KEMONNNN la,, are you going to say that you are worshiping chicken rice if it was your fav food because it was so delicious, marvelous, hot setafff and all kinds of praise you gave to it??? 

ha kan da bg contoh nasi ayam,,fav aku tu,,, standad lah kawan org beriya nak pi tgok cerita baru kat wayang,, xguna duit hang pon,,hehe

back to the movie,,
i went to cinema with my sisters,, surprise!!
we all did not cry :)

i gave em em em,,4 stars??could i??hehe,,or 3.9??ok lah kan,,near to 4flat,,hehe

seems the OMBAK RINDU novel is awesome,, this movie was awesome too ;)

*tp xadelah adegan2 nanges smpai banjir dlm wyg mcm yg org ramai uar2kan tu kan,,haha

depending to your own,,everyone has her own opinion,,am i right?hehe
btw,,aaron aziz macho sgt,,till i chosed the picture as my fb's DP,,hehe

p/s goodjob osman kering ali :))) 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

selamat dtg tahun baru 1433 hijrah :)


it's time to say goodbye to 1432 lets recite prayer..

*doa akhir tahun ney dibace bbrape minit sebelum azan magrib :)

baca sambil niat di hati supaya Tuhan ampunkan dose kite di tahun yg lalu okay :)

* doa awal tahun  ney plak dibace slps menunaikan solat maghrib :)

semoge tahun ney kite lebih perbaiki diri dari tahun lepas :)


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tiger defeat Garuda???

we are the champion!!!!
with determination, teamwork of harimau Malaya, supports from citizens, and our belief towards team...
we MALAYSIA are able to possess 'THE MOTHER OF GOLD'!!!

my bf yg bwh kiri sekali tu ok,,Baddrol <3 maaf safee,,i curang kali ni je -_-

To beat Indonesia was not as simple as we assumed when Malaysia were shocked by a fourth minute goal by Gunawan . However Baddrol as a responsible team leader knew what he should do! passing the ball to Asra in 33rd minute later gave us- Malaysians a big relief to equalise the score.

Relentless attacks by Garuda  team were not able to beat our beloved goal keeper!!

apek wore jersy numbered 1 last night,,this is the old one :p

salute our golly <3 he has progressed in football since his engagement was broken. he was a splendid player who should get the best player's title if Octovianus won't get it. he gave an outstanding performance in deflecting Garuda's attacks!

tiger got its canine tooth,that is why it can defeat Garuda :p

We- Malaysia defended our gold medal when we defeated Indonesia 4-3 on penalties yesterday night :D
conclusion : we can do it if we believe so!

* i wore Harimau Malaya jersy,,no wonder we won :p

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

SYAWAL menjelma :))

dgn ini sy penyimpan mohor2 diraja mengumumkan...


hehehe...xsaba kan???
tema kaler baju wane ape??? u can decide da colour..
wanna be confidence in Eid day?so wear blue kebaye..eyh knape kebaye??
mentang2 ak pakai kebaye tahun ni...yelah..selalu kan gadis2 skrg suke sgt pakai kebaye..
but i guess a lot of my buddies wear purple colour for Eid day :)

whatever colour u wear,wherever village u travel,whoever u are..
me myself apologize for all my mistakes -_-

may God bless us in Eid day :)

enjoy your days with beloved family :))


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Alhamdulillah..Ramadan is back..

Salam Ramadan to bloggers and readers... is the 3rd day of ramadan..fasting far away from family made me tough enough to not going back until the Hari Raya's holiday..26th of august,about 3 weeks from now on..

Muslims are called upon to use this month to revaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance.Every part of the body must be restrained.Tongue,especially..from the gossip and backbitting.But it is difficult to do right?? That's why Ramadan is called - a university of tarbiah.. where we learn to build mahmudah actions.

Eyes- restrained them from looking at unlawful things
Hands - must not take anything that not belong to you
Ears- refrain from listening to idle talk or nonsense words
Feet - refrain from going tosinful places

Fasting is not merely  refrain from food and drink but it embody the soul and the action..Remember that Ramadan is a special month where we must appreciate it by doing many good fulfil the dream to enter al-jannah!aminn..

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nice beginning...

yo yo yo!salam... was be a long time dat i was so busy doing this,doing that..and have no time to update my blog..but today i have :p

so let me start the yackety-yack!!a new life begin here..where???IPBA..have u heard dat name?i mean..dat gorgeous nickname??IPBA stands for ...dont be lazy,go for googling! :p

being here almost a month had changed me a little bit...of course to be better than before :)
doesn't mean i was bad before,ok...plizzzz..ahaks.i mean dat now become more hardworking than before in study field :p become a good listener to my beloved buddies :) become brave as lion during presentation :p

it is quite nice study here..:)
i luv it..just credit it to my mom n dad :) here are some snapping!!!cheeeessssseeeeeee~




okay..datz all..for dat,tq :p  (mcm public speaking je)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

RM 400k ????

evening all..
have u read BERITA HARIAN yesterday?? there was a title dat made me became speechless..

are you one of the MAHARAJA LAWAK 's  fans??if yes,you might know dat da winner is going to win RM 400,000 !!! and if i not mistaken,he or they'll get a CAR too!

oh kalau begitulah..lirik lagu Price Tag pon dah lain dah jd nyer..
" it's ALL about your DO need your" $_$ $_$
but who will win??? jozan kah?? sepah kah?? nabil kah?? R2 kah?? jambu kah?? ape pon x boleh.. ok,itu trademark kumpulan jambu tp it doesn't mean aku minat jambu ok!

                                        ha..tu diaaa Mael Lambung dtg..aku sokong jozanlah !!

tapi ni lame punye crite..da latest..zamri rockers dah..biaselah..penangan Maharaja Lawak ni..ade je perkataan2 atau trademark2 atau tagline2 yg peserta2 sebut,terus ade page kat facebook..aku org ramai pon pakat2 like..

                                                hensem pulak mamat idung tinggi ni.haha

                                                                                     bukan nak belagak la kan..

Zizan ni hidung je besar xsombong kan?sume org boleh snap gambar ngan dye mase and wonder he had a big fans!

tapi Sepah pon best jugak kan?? consistent everyweek..nak2 si shuib tu.kecil2 cili padi..byk btol idea dye nak wat lawak..nabil pon best..but recently..mcm kurang menjadi dah lawak nabil ni...yelah kan,peserta lain sume grouping,,byk sikit idea boleh kongsi dgn partner..xgitu??

ape2 pon..lastweek,i gave 5 stars to Jozan!! AWESOME sgt persembahan diorang yg part 1 tu..xingat dah??before that,turn off dulu lagu maddi jane kat bwh sekali blog ni ok.

Begitulah-awan-nano-nano-nano-nano-nano-nano-nano-nano-nano....hahaha! aku tengok dah 3,4 kali pon aku gelak2 lagi..mmg best lah! hahaha!!

sepah pon best kot time beg bagasi jd laptop tu aku xboleh blah sekali..jd kalau rating hati aku...jozan atau sepah lah bakal juara Maharaja Lawak..korang ??

p/s : kalau diorang mng pon,,,bkn kau dpt duit tu $_$

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Miss Ayu in da house !!
Today we are going to babble bout da ANGRY BIRDS'S FEVER !!
have you play this AWESOME game before??no more Justin Bieber fever..ahaks!let see how West People playing this game directly and lively!

                        best nyer kalau ade kat malaysia kan?buatlah kat depan dataran merdeka ke..>_<

seronok kan??aku excited kot main game ni..mmg kalau start pukul 9malam, tengok2 dah pukul 3 pagi..oh teruknyer..T_T

Angry Bird yg paling awesome yang wane putih bg aku..sbb dye mngeluarkan tahi telur dye kalau kita klick mouse two times..1st click to release it,then 2nd click when it is flying..BOOOOMMM!! meletuplah sekalian babi pigs yg xberape nak comel tu..

Tadi aku pegi jln2 beli brg ngn family aku..then my eyes caught ANGRY BIRDS!!hehe..ape lagi..ambil dan beli lah..ingat nak beli bear bygkan sebesar tin biskut tiger tuh dijual RM59.90...what the...
bear yg betul2 beruang sebesar aku pon RM50 je kat kite ambil yg kecik udah ler..

                                                      handset keychain pon alright lah kan.haha.

Mesti korang dah lama beli kan?oh lambatnye aku..haha..btw,aku dah ade..merah dan kuning,korang ade? about this??


nice x??aku cuma imagine yg bakal ada kerongsang ni nanti..konfem aku korang jadi org 1st beli kan?haha.cubalah aksi berani mati ni.pergi bandar n hangout wif your buddies dgn kerongsang Angry'll look gorgeous,girls!!haha.

janganlah gayut keychain handset mcm  aku orang di ats tuh pakai pulak.tunggu lah kemunculan kerongsang yg sebenar,ok..

                                                            ni baru betul >_<

ok lah darling2..jom main dan collect all da golden eggs!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Peteh Ganu Peteh !!

Hallu...btol dok tajuk aku ney??ce mung kabo sikit..hehe..makang ikang dlm pinggang.. :p

hehe..sorry kalau slh slang..aku xreti nak fluent the way..i'm wearing Terengganu t-shirt ( t-shirt pulau redang ade gambar IKANG ) in white colour!!which means dat i am one of da Terengganu's fans!!!not at all actually because i'm from Tok Gajah's country. because of da final teams in Piala FA are Terengganu and Kelantan,i choose to support Terengganu!! Jange maroh deh oghe kelate..hehe..buleh jah nok sapot...Gomo Kelate Gomo !! 


which team will be da winner???i wanna guess..because i always get right in let me...
pelawok..pelawok..pelawok..pelawok...ha tu diaaaa..dah mcm bomoh Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah dah..ok,aku rase Terengganu menang 2-0 kot..hehe..entah lah kenape...asap kepul2 yg aku jampi ni berbentuk huruf T pulak dah..

ok lah..enjoy your time watching Piala FA!! mesti sambil mkn kuaci kan??same lah kite..sehati berdansa sjiwa betol..:p bye:))

Thursday, 9 June 2011

KL GANGSTER = awesome!

Salam 1blog semue..bloggers didahulukan,readers diutamakan..

Today i would like to give some review bout local movie dat i've watching wif my sister today..have you watching this??


if you say.."not yet der...i;m busy.." hey dude!trust me!it was an AWESOME MOVIE!!!
mari sini nak cerita jln cerite nyer...

  • mule2..aku pergi Megamall Kuantan..sampai2 je,around 12.10 p.m..there was a crowd of people there!ommmmjayyy!!ade sale ke apa ni org ramai2 ni??rupe2 nye..tiket KL GANGSTER pukul 12.15..haiyaaaaaaaaa..tinggal 2 je tmpat kosong taw x..tu pon satu line F,satu lg line G..xkan korang nak suruh aku duduk berasingan dgn kakak ak..memang ade 2 line yg kosong dpn screen..nak mendongak tengok wayang??erkk..mmg tak ar kan..buat sakit tengkuk aku je.jam seterusnya ialah pada pukul 4.30...lambat sgt tu..

  • then, we decided to go to Teruntum,Kuantan.just opposite Kuantan Parade.those who stay at Kuantan might know these place.when we arrived there..yess!we got it!jam menunjukkan pukul 1.15 p.m dan tiket wayang adalah pada pukul 2.15 p.m..ape lagi? melantaklah  pergi makanlah dulu.then we had two set of snake plate at KFC..

  • 2.15 p.m!!and the movie began!!!!!!!!!!!opss sory..aku nak cerite psl jln cerite td kan??dah mencarut melalut sampai jalan cerite aku utk menonton wayang pulak da..T_T ok lah aku cerite sikit2..kire just nak bagi klu kat korang..karang aku cerite semue karang..bankrup si syamsul tu.hehe.
                                         bukti yg aku dah tengok.haha

  • ok2..focus2..KL Gangster ni mengisahkan Malek iaitu Aaron Aziz yg terjebak dgn gang2 gangster kat KL tu..and he was one of da big taiko in KL!!!a friend of him is King who is syamsul (i forgot syamsul's name in this movie.haha) 's stepfather.mase starting cerite ni Malek mmg dah ade dlm penjara,telah ditangkap polis 5tahun yg lalu.his target is never repeat his fault!means dat Malek is no longer want to join Gangster2 dah.dah insaf lah kirenyer.

  • Tapi...adik Malek iaitu Jai!!!!hehe..MEMEI...( tagline yg Adi Putra guna dlm filem ni .sumpah aku terpikat ngn adi putra lah!hehe) Jai dah join group Dragon,geng yg menjadi musuh King..aku terpikat dkt Jai ni sbb hensem giler kot.hehe..macho tau tak mase ko tak pakai baju tumbuk terajang lawan musuh ko wahai Adi Putra..memang menjadilah lakonan dia ni..adik perempuan diorang pulak..Syira (ni sorg lg xingat nama die dlm ni) dah rosak dah.pergi pub,pakai seksi2..mcm tulah..walaupun Malek ni taiko Gangster,tp dia sgtlah menyayangi adik2 nye..

  • ha!!!zizan raja lawak ade tau dlm filem ni!best..die pegang watak fadil..Abang Long Dil..haha.tak boleh blah btol.dia keluar je,bising wayang..mmg lawak lah..korang kena lah tengok sendiri..tapi dia mati tau dalam cerite ni!sedih tau!!Mael lambung Abang long Dil ditikam oleh Syamsul!ciss!!

  • Eyh rase mcm aku xpandai je cerite kat korang..haha..well..i losed in story-telling competition :p jadi klu-klu yang aku bg kat korang ni sekadar utk bagitahu yg cerite ni akan meletupppppppp!!!!hari 1st aku dtg mmg penuh..and Alhamdulillah...ramai rakyat Malaysia yg menyokong industri filem tnh air..kan?ape lagi???pergilah tengok esok!!hehe..ok lah,i leave you with several pictures of scene in KL Gangster movie...take a look!and don't forget to watch it!

                                   ni mase Malek dibebaskan dari penjara..

                                   ok ni mmg xboleh blah.korang tengok lah nanti ape kata2 zizan .

                                 oh Jai ku..hensem ok dia ni ;)

                                sorry lah.aku dah Jai and da geng.


P/S : aku curi pitures kat page KL gangster kat facebook..mintak izin Tok...:p

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Is always da same

holla guys..what is always da same??everyday is always da same lah kan..cube ingat balik ape yg you guys doing right now semalam??ha..putar belut belit dah ayat aku..semalam pon korang online kan?lepas tu tengok2 blog korang kan?lepas tu stalk someone blog kan?why dont u change it a little bit mcm semalam u guys online tapi hari ini tidur ke..pegi mandi pantai ke..mandi pantai???petang dan panas mcm ni?what the..

actually i felt dat i did da same thing again n again every single day..tu lah mcm rase bosan kan..SO!!!!!
ha..what on earth is going on when i bold dat word..???sebenarnye..i wanna let u know how to backup your boredom..your boring di siang hari..kiter backup!kiter backup!take a look for a while and try this at home!

  • lepas lunch,,korang selalu ngantuk kan??because yout tummy was happy n fully mully wif delicious meals yang bukan korang pon masak kan..:p so janganlah lyn sgt ngantuk tu..even you are yawning like a cow,try to change your mind.we actually can control our mind.." ade cerite ape ye yg best sekarang??" so korang pon buka lah tv yang berhantu berastro tu..chill:)) mcm2 ade..jozan show?zizan show? diari akademi yang berulang-ulang...pawagam di rumah anda..astro second first kan maju..even my family didn't take dat package :p bile tengok tv,believe me takkan mengantuk punye lah.lepas cerite best mesti ade lg cerite best..kan?kan?

  • another way is having wonderful hangout wif your bestfriends or boyfriends..take them for granted..even your grandma,it's okay as long as you get someone to accompany you to hangout.this is the time four you to watch da latest movie at cinema wif your buddies.have you watching KARAK??KUNG FU PANDA??CUN??PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN??NUR KASIH THE MOVIE??i've watching these movie at cinema..and they're awesome!!eyh wait a minute why on earth didn't i mention KONGSI??lu pikirla sendiri..haha..sebab filem ni bosan xseAwesome filem2 yg lain..sorry for those yg minat kat syahezy sam..(salah kot eja name ni)..lagipon kalau kite xsupport filem Malaysia siapa lagi kan..KEMONNNNN!!!do support our local movie!

  • 3rd way..bersiar-siar lah di kampung/taman yakni tempat tinggal anda..for those who futhering their study abroad like England or Australia..even KL..this is your time to meet your old frenz.they'll very appreciate you,dude,believe me!naik lah basikal ke,tunggang langgang  motosikal ke,nak naik kereta pon okay.mesti korang dah lame tak tegur Mak Cik Bedah yg jual kelapa tu kan?mesti korang jarang dah jumpe Pakcik Mat yang selalu pandang slek kat korang kalau bwk motosikal laju mcm parasit pelesit tu kan??sekali korang tegur diorang,mesti keluar ayt ni.."bagus btol anak polan bin/binti si polan tu kan??pandai dia menegur orang tua..boleh buat menantu.." see??

  • buka youtube dan carilah apa sahaja yg anda inginkan..janganlah pulak aku ckp macam ni,korang pergi hentam keromo cari porno benda2 yg xsenonoh pulak.try to search on something dat benefit you.such as Maharaja Lawak yg korang xsempat nak tengok sebab terlanjur tidur minggu lepas,clip2 video terbaru yg boleh menghiburkan korang and wake you up from your boredom.atau tengoklah video2 belajar bahasa inggeris ke bahasa perancis ke..kan??xakan bosan punye lah..chill!

  • Lastly..if u get bored..stand up,angkat tgn ke atas,depakan ke kanan,kemudian ke kiri.ulang pergerakan 3kali..goyanggkan depan,ke belakang secara sekala..berlari setempat..perlahan..sederhana..lari laju!!!!dada ke hadapan,bygkan anda sedang dlm perlumbaan 15oo meter!!iyyyya!!!lari!!!what the..

gimik je tu.aku nak suruh korang senaman,boleh hilang bosan jugak..:p dan yang penting kekal sihat!wah..

i think these four ways could save you from your boredom,dude...try this at home!! :) do colour your days!:)

Monday, 6 June 2011

6th june of 2011

this is the beginning of creating a need to mention coz u people might already today gonna be an unforgotten date lah kan..wif the name of da blog which is sounds eeuuuw.. interesting, i am now ready to learn how to be a writer,exactly..

for this 1st entry..i would like to say hye to all welcome me coz i'm new in jogging blogging.. :)
i'm Miss Ayu..wif weight 50kg n height 163..not to tall,nor to short..ngee :))

have a nice day!!