Sunday, 11 December 2011


hey guys,,
do you have one?yup, i mean brother or you?
they might be sometime annoying right?haha.either your brother or your little one.
but believe me,they are trying to be a protector person beside you,the one who is responsible to your safety, even yourself.

It doesn't matter you like it or not, but they are right when they do not allow you to have boyfriend/s at your age even though they have a collection of girlfriends.
When they are always reminding you da same thing every time you go out with your buddies..
"don't bother anyone who tease you along da way"
"always be with your buddies,at least partner"
"call me n tell me wherever you are"

seriously guys,,they have the responsibility to tell you so.
just be a nice and obedient little sister,will you?
i'm going to ;)
although sometimes i feel like a bit " i going to live a life under your rules?what the.."
but the truth is they are always i got some quotes from quote garden.

yup,it's true :)

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.  ~Vietnamese Proverb

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.  ~Marc Brown

If you want to know how your girl will treat you after marriage, just listen to her talking to her little brother.  ~Sam Levenson

A brother is a friend given by Nature.  ~Jean Baptiste Legouve

I don't really care if you think that i was not independent or pampered or whatever you like to think i am,but i will listen to them as long as i need to. i means maybe the time will arrive,the one when i will no longer need to follow their rules,hehehe.but to date, i need theirs.

* no wonder i do not have a permanent boyfriend yet,,hahahaha.all beacuse of them who avoid me to! ok,kidding.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

gelombangggggg OMBAK RINDU???

i was the one of the victims of this wave,,,1 December 2011..

"it might be an awesome movie!"
"can't wait to watch in cinema soon!"
"aaron aziz <3 <3 <3"

these are some shouts in ombak rindu page on fb before the screen,,so then the shouts after the screen,,

"oomak kawww  oammmjayyy,,i never cry watching Malay film before,,ombak rindu was the 1st!"
"i watched it twice!!but i'm going to have for the 3rd soon,,and bring tissues!"
"one of the best  sad, romantic, reality life local movie!! great actor & actress!!!! not bored + 5stars!!"

and so,,,a few days later,,,

ingat nak pegi kat megamall,,tp banjir kot,,naik air sikit,,

ha before i forget,, i saw one of my friends post status like this,, 

"it's like worshiping ombak rindu...
so perilous....."

dey3,,it's not about worshiping it,,it was common,,KEMONNNN la,, are you going to say that you are worshiping chicken rice if it was your fav food because it was so delicious, marvelous, hot setafff and all kinds of praise you gave to it??? 

ha kan da bg contoh nasi ayam,,fav aku tu,,, standad lah kawan org beriya nak pi tgok cerita baru kat wayang,, xguna duit hang pon,,hehe

back to the movie,,
i went to cinema with my sisters,, surprise!!
we all did not cry :)

i gave em em em,,4 stars??could i??hehe,,or 3.9??ok lah kan,,near to 4flat,,hehe

seems the OMBAK RINDU novel is awesome,, this movie was awesome too ;)

*tp xadelah adegan2 nanges smpai banjir dlm wyg mcm yg org ramai uar2kan tu kan,,haha

depending to your own,,everyone has her own opinion,,am i right?hehe
btw,,aaron aziz macho sgt,,till i chosed the picture as my fb's DP,,hehe

p/s goodjob osman kering ali :)))