Thursday, 31 January 2013

still in january!

hye peeps! =)

never too late for the 1st entry of 2013!
it's a new year. ;)
i celebrated my bday last 27th. i got some awesome gifts on my day from family and friends.
and of course, it's a pleasure to receive wishes, doa's, n all the words of wisdom and etc. the sweetest part is one of my fren wish me in her entry. thanks rara ;) really appreciate dat ;)
and here i am to say...


january flashback :

- baby zahra grows up to 3 months soon! (it's a difficult job to be a maksu anyway) =P

- officially b.Ed Tesl students 

- passed pra-putih test with flying colours =D

- celebrated along's bday together wif mine

- my bff - yukka got engaged!

- paticipated in netball match wif different group name for the 1st time (white elephant!)

- diz saturday, again, will participate in futsal wif weird group name. haha URU LEE!

miss ayu.