Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year :D

wow,,,welcome to new year 2012 with a new life,new mindset,new style,new experience,new friends what so ever,,,

generally,,i ended my 2011 happily,,
frankly,,i had done my best in any situation or problems along 2011,,
obviously,,i am a trouble-maker SOMETIMES,, -____-
honestly,,i meant just good,, >_<"

btw, 2012 starts today! :D
1january2012 :D

goal??for this new year??are them necessary?ok then.

GOALS :  1~ (i'm sorry but this is too secret)
2~ do assignments early! :D not to wait till the deadline -__-
3~ be kind to everyone,,i repeat,, EVERYONE.. 

3 are enough right??hehe,,don't make your goals look like a list of material of making 'nasi kerabu makcik kiah',,because sometimes people just list it but never try to achieve it and it wasn't worth.

eh wait!about the 3rd goal of mine,it wasn't means that i never be kind to others before,,hehe..emm i'm just want to be more +ve person u know,,even with our enemies,,wawawa.i don't have one,but ya,,in reality or normal human being,,there are certain things or people that we feel uncomfortable to deal with..
i found this,and it was really useful to us - NORMAL HUMAN BEING
maybe it was a strong reason why the 3rd goal was there. :)

yes :D i will :D lets do it guys :D

i mean,,,,just,,,

hehe,,starts new year with big smile :D