Tuesday, 30 August 2011

SYAWAL menjelma :))

dgn ini sy penyimpan mohor2 diraja mengumumkan...


hehehe...xsaba kan???
tema kaler baju wane ape???

haaaaa..now u can decide da colour..
wanna be confidence in Eid day?so wear blue kebaye..eyh knape kebaye??
mentang2 ak pakai kebaye tahun ni...yelah..selalu kan gadis2 skrg suke sgt pakai kebaye..
but i guess a lot of my buddies wear purple colour for Eid day :)

whatever colour u wear,wherever village u travel,whoever u are..
me myself apologize for all my mistakes -_-

may God bless us in Eid day :)

enjoy your days with beloved family :))


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Alhamdulillah..Ramadan is back..

Salam Ramadan to bloggers and readers...

alhamdulillah..today is the 3rd day of ramadan..fasting far away from family made me tough enough to not going back until the Hari Raya's holiday..26th of august,about 3 weeks from now on..

Muslims are called upon to use this month to revaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance.Every part of the body must be restrained.Tongue,especially..from the gossip and backbitting.But it is difficult to do right?? That's why Ramadan is called - a university of tarbiah.. where we learn to build mahmudah actions.

Eyes- restrained them from looking at unlawful things
Hands - must not take anything that not belong to you
Ears- refrain from listening to idle talk or nonsense words
Feet - refrain from going tosinful places

Fasting is not merely  refrain from food and drink but it embody the soul and the action..Remember that Ramadan is a special month where we must appreciate it by doing many good deed..to fulfil the dream to enter al-jannah!aminn..