Tuesday, 6 December 2011

gelombangggggg OMBAK RINDU???

i was the one of the victims of this wave,,,1 December 2011..

"it might be an awesome movie!"
"can't wait to watch in cinema soon!"
"aaron aziz <3 <3 <3"

these are some shouts in ombak rindu page on fb before the screen,,so then the shouts after the screen,,

"oomak kawww  oammmjayyy,,i never cry watching Malay film before,,ombak rindu was the 1st!"
"i watched it twice!!but i'm going to have for the 3rd soon,,and bring tissues!"
"one of the best  sad, romantic, reality life local movie!! great actor & actress!!!! not bored + 5stars!!"

and so,,,a few days later,,,

ingat nak pegi kat megamall,,tp banjir kot,,naik air sikit,,

ha before i forget,, i saw one of my friends post status like this,, 

"it's like worshiping ombak rindu...
so perilous....."

dey3,,it's not about worshiping it,,it was common,,KEMONNNN la,, are you going to say that you are worshiping chicken rice if it was your fav food because it was so delicious, marvelous, hot setafff and all kinds of praise you gave to it??? 

ha kan da bg contoh nasi ayam,,fav aku tu,,, standad lah kawan org beriya nak pi tgok cerita baru kat wayang,, xguna duit hang pon,,hehe

back to the movie,,
i went to cinema with my sisters,, surprise!!
we all did not cry :)

i gave em em em,,4 stars??could i??hehe,,or 3.9??ok lah kan,,near to 4flat,,hehe

seems the OMBAK RINDU novel is awesome,, this movie was awesome too ;)

*tp xadelah adegan2 nanges smpai banjir dlm wyg mcm yg org ramai uar2kan tu kan,,haha

depending to your own,,everyone has her own opinion,,am i right?hehe
btw,,aaron aziz macho sgt,,till i chosed the picture as my fb's DP,,hehe

p/s goodjob osman kering ali :))) 


  1. cik ayu...
    i was about to make a post pasal ombak rindu... hehehh
    same like u... best tapi takde la spt yg diwar2kan.. haissh... hihih
    i read the novel.. jadik movie tak sebest novel... heheheh
    but still.. pelakon die terbaek!!~

  2. haha,,that was what i assumed b4 watching it.might be a bit weak compared to da novel,,btw the author himself have told audience not to give high expectation of it.hehe

    but it was still awesome kan..:))) aron aziz n maya covered it :)

  3. hehhehe tu la... nasib baik la pelakon die terbaek.... mmg tiptop la....
    but to be frank... i enjoyed the song... n some of the plots... but overall.... movie ni tak berat tuk tgk... so ok la tu.....

  4. yup dear,,omabak rindu ny dira n hafiz had become my ring tone for almost a week,hee