Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nice beginning...

yo yo yo!salam... was be a long time dat i was so busy doing this,doing that..and have no time to update my blog..but today i have :p

so let me start the yackety-yack!!a new life begin here..where???IPBA..have u heard dat name?i mean..dat gorgeous nickname??IPBA stands for ...dont be lazy,go for googling! :p

being here almost a month had changed me a little bit...of course to be better than before :)
doesn't mean i was bad before,ok...plizzzz..ahaks.i mean dat now become more hardworking than before in study field :p become a good listener to my beloved buddies :) become brave as lion during presentation :p

it is quite nice study here..:)
i luv it..just credit it to my mom n dad :) here are some snapping!!!cheeeessssseeeeeee~




okay..datz all..for dat,tq :p  (mcm public speaking je)

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