Tuesday, 11 December 2012


it had been 4 months i didn't update this yacketiakkty yack.
"ala 5min je, xlama "(ydp,2012)
someone said dat it only takes 5min to update blog. thus, i'll take 5min to write diz. =P

harimau! aumm! malaysian tiger!
if u were a real malaysian, you watched the latest match between white elephant and malayan tiger.
of course, draw was not a comfortable circumstance for malayan tiger.
but we must have the confidence or to be more patriotic, we must have the spirit, the instinct dat malayan tiger will win n defeat white elephant on this thursday!
13rd december 2012.
lets roar!! aumm!

being patriotic enough?hehe. =P
aumm. auum. miow...


  1. ckp i gedikss ekk..heee...yuyu ni nakal..apa kes dlm kurungan tu? abg terbaik ehh..hehe..

  2. haha dye lah tu. yela rara xgedik. hew