Wednesday, 2 May 2012

bye 2nd sem,,

bye!!eh tajuk nye xboleh blah sgt :P
haha :D

today is 2nd of May,,3 weeks to go before sem break :D heaven... :D
lets do reflection for this sem,,haha
to sum up,frankly said,,
this sem has taught me a lot of time management,, =.="

lots of things to be done,,
which force me to become a good-discipline-teacher-to-be,,ehh?
yup,,sometimes we have to make compliment by ourselves :P

enough for that,,
recently weather was not kind to me,,
it was rain heavily everyday =.="
now i get flu,,,getting uncomfortable wif my throat,,
it might be fever then!!hmm..

lets take good care of our health,, ;)
- minister of health,2020 :P

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