Sunday, 19 February 2012

real antidote = come back to hometown :D

morning :D
i'm here! - beloved Kuantan, Pahang ^^
holiday?nope! just came back on Friday for weekend and soon, this evening - return to KL =.="

antidote?yes! every time if i were in trouble,facing problem,or getting ill,the only solution is - hug mom and dad^^and for that,i need to come back home <3

last sem, i was frustrated in love,,chewah :P so when i came home, my wound was healed :D
likewise i got gastric,,i was willing to take bus and went home :D

what about for this time?let guess!

i slipped on the floor :'( and ran for 2.4km afterwards :'(

what a tragic story,,sob3,,
i dried my cloth,wearing slippers,you know that one - bunge2 kartun2 pinky2 bulu2 yg girl suke pakai tu^^
unfortunately...i slipped,,gedebuk!!

at that time i felt like em..em..only God knew my pain :'(
sampai terencut2 dah jalannye =.="

the next tomorrow morning,my TESL group had a Gerko class,,2.4 km - about twelve round ran round the field. =.=" the reason why my right leg became more pain =.="



i'm not paralyzed, ok!

tq syiwa :D - my classmate a.k.a roomate who accompanied me =.= to the ummc >_<"
university malaya medical centre,,

along the way on that awesome wheelchair =.="....
people there assumed that i was paralyzed!
till an old Indian asked my friend,, "kwn awk yg lumpuh tu pelajar jgk ke?"

it was not serious injury at all,,
my soft tissue was injured,,
after did X-tray,,thanks bones cracking..

i got mc for two days,,rest,,
no running for a week,,,
no vigorous activity for a month,,

btw, being at home make me feel better! :D

p/s : i'm not paralyzed okay!
        masih boleh bjln cume nk naik tangga..pretty painful!

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