Saturday, 22 June 2013

welcome to the 2nd sem =)

in degree years, the focus is been emphasized. to what u r focusing is doesnt matter. as long as u do the right thing at the right time.
they said that 2nd sem is the tough one. the sem in when u r studying phonology, methodology (for those who futher study in teacher training institute). therefore, it's time to study smart. dont put urself to study hard bcoz u know.. SPM was a history. only SPM, we people ought to study hard =P lol.

recently, my lecturer, gerko lect, nothing to be hided here, he said dat y are we ( mrsm students + SBP students ) get in IPG, bcoz we deserve better education out there. sorry sir, like what? doctor? engineer? it's all bout interest, sir. i remained silent at that time bcoz my respect was there. since he is the one who love to think that he always right. ahaks.

we get in IPG with 7A's and 6A's sir. dont underestimate us. bcoz we could prove u dat we'll bcome a flexible + excellent + hardworking educationer one day =)

just ignore things like dat n still calm. bcoz u know what ur target is! go ahead n achieve it!

2nd sem, here we r ready!

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