Friday, 15 February 2013

it's valentine! but who cares =P jpj test is in!

2nd of February 2013.
it's my lucky day instead of lovely day celebrated by couples of other religion, i repeat, other religion =P
those who r Muslims, dont u ever celebrate valentine's day okay my dearest fellow? =) good.

i got it. got it. got it. =D 
it took 3 months for me to complete all diz, the license.
i did my L license for both B2 and D last december.
and i need to wait till the mature period ends but i already further my study at that time.
thus, CNY is the right time!

i had practiced for a week b4 the jpj test. trying to sharpen and strengthen my skills in doing parking, the '3 penjuru', hill, and drive either 'laluan A' or 'laluan B'. for B2, the motorcycle, the scariest part is riding on the bridge. i almost fade up wif dat indeed =P

before doing the test, i had read lots of blogs' entry bout jpj test. most of them were described horribly. i mean most of them faced difficult time with the jpj officer. and that's why i said i was lucky yesterday ;) Alhamdulillah.

the jpj officer called me 'Cikgu' along the way after he knew that i studied in education field. and you know what? he sang along the way too =.=" thanks God he had a nice voice! suara emas gitu! ahaks. 

if u are AMS's student. AMS stand for Akademi Memandu Sistematik in Gambang. u need to drive from the driving school to gambang residential before u go to UMP. (laluan A) but i was only went to the residential tomorrow =P encik Tengku, his name, if i was not mistaken, i saw it on his nametag, asked me if i want to go to UMP or back to the school. at first, i was questioning 'did i failed or what?' apasal pakcik jpj misai tebal ni suruh aku balik pulak, tak habes lg ni =.="

then, looking at my innocent face expression plus muka seposen gitu, he explained.
i passed =) hehe he said that those students that able to drive carefully and fullfill the criteria in that form are no need to complete the way. so i just took 10 minutes driving instead of 27minutes required. hehe
the tips are be confident! yes, confident that u can do it, smile to the jpj officer, for muslims, berzikirlah silently, ask for calmness and easiness from God. 
( i got the confident from my beloved buddies that i have. thanks. really appreaciate uols. )

for B2 test, do what u've learnt. although the jpj officer is not observe and look at u all the time, just be honest wif urself. kemonnn, only this time u ought to do all the stuffs =D 
(lambai2 tgn sebelum masuk simpang, angkat tangan nak berhenti =P)
after u get the P license soon, lantak pi lah nak rempit ke ape.ahaks. sorry uncle misai tebal!

a navice rider n driver wif P license =P
(sorry for being too excited, but yes, i am ! =D )


  1. yeay =) budak tu excited dpt lesen.happy for you! hee

  2. Hehe excitedly excited rara!