Thursday, 3 April 2014

hey there! ;)

too many thing to be updated ;)

it's been a while i didnt update my blog.
2014. a blossom year indeed =)

im blessed =)
mingle with beloved families and friends are the best thing to do. plus, they accept u for whoever u r ;)

what im up to? i mean recently. mihmihmih.
 lol. it's nothing but sister-brother relationship.
have u ever heard this phrase? not really a phrase but it's a 'couldnt agree more' statement. 

what is it called when your crush has crush on you too??


LOL =p so we, i mean all of us have to accept the truth ; the reality. 

ok enough with crush on crush thing =P, back to what im busy with :

- currently microteaching
- BTN program on this weekend at Lipis
- lots assignments
- JPP's events

off to microteaching, see u when i see u;)))

xoxo. mz ayu.

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